Why You Should Be Watching Doctor Who on Twitch.tv

An incredible new phenomenon within the world of Doctor Who has occurred. Fans around the planet are watching the show online via free streaming service Twitch.tv. Known more widely as a platform for esports streaming, the Amazon-owned service, more colloquially known simply as Twitch, is streaming Doctor Who’s first 26 years, from 100,000 BC to episode 4 of Survival. Fans can simply visit the site and start watching!

Better still, this streaming service offers live text chat. What this adds to old episodes of Doctor Who that you’ve seen again and again is the benefit of new eyes, of youth. Many of the current viewers are millennials, largely fans of the modern show. They have their own interpretations, different frames of reference, and most importantly, no knowledge of the flaming that the early years of the show received throughout the 1980s and 90s.

In this week’s podKast, Christian Cawley and James McLean watch episodes one and two of The Enemy of the World, and discuss just why everyone should be watching Doctor Who on Twitch.